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Dear guests, I want to invite you to meet Chaplain Seeda and give mindfulness a try:

Aroon Seeda is a former Buddhist monk from Thailand, and a current Chaplain in the US Navy and Federal Bureau of Prisons. I've been fortunate to have him as a colleague and teacher for the past year in our work together at the Navy Warrior Transition Program in Sembach, Germany.

Here is a link to his FREE Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Reduction & Prevention video via the National Institute of Corrections website. In the video, he presents 5 different mindfulness exercises, as well as valuable insights about the practice of mindfulness.

The way he presents it is so easy to understand and experience. Even if you never tried mindfulness, or tried before and didn't quite "get" it, I am confident that you will truly experience the mindfulness moment and see the difference when you follow along with this video.

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