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Psychiatric consultation, diagnosis, and treatment with a holistic approach. We can talk about options for pharmaceutical medications, herbal and/or nutritional supplements. Additionally, we may consider options for psychotherapy, holistic health counseling, and/or alternative healing modalities, depending on your unique situation and preferences. 


All services are currently available via tele-health (e.g. Skype, Teams, ZOOM, etc) as authorized by federal and state guidelines. Very flexible scheduling hours are available, and we can usually have an initial consultation appointment within 1-2 weeks.


Once we connect and make a plan to work together, you can register to set up secure electronic access to patient accounts, appointment scheduling, and electronic health record information via the secure PatientAlly portal (see link at bottom of this page). It's a convenient way to access your account and health records, request prescription refills, or make appointments.


Practice is currently focused on support for adults with any of the following concerns:

  • Professionals that need absolute discretion for their mental health care

  • Life stages, changes, relationships, goals, and/or finding purpose and meaning

  • Known or suspected mood or anxiety disorders

  • Mental health concerns related to medical conditions (endocrine, neurological,etc)

  • Developmental, sensory, learning, communication differences

  • Women's reproductive mental health 

  • Managing trauma or high stress

  • Substance use or other possible addictions and detox issues* 

*Please note: I do not prescribe any opiates, benzodiazepines, or other high risk medications.

Psychiatric Consultation $300/inclusive - This service includes up to 60 minutes in-depth, structured interview via tele-health. We will review your full history and current concerns. I will give you some initial feedback, but also take a bit of time afterward to consider diagnosis and treatment/lifestyle recommendations.

All of this will be provided to you in a comprehensive written report which we can go over in a follow-up visit.

For those seeking consultation only, without ongoing care, this cost includes up to 2 brief phone calls with you and/or your treatment provider for care coordination. We may plan for baseline laboratory or other medical testing, as needed. I may or may not recommend or prescribe medications in this visit, depending on the situation. And, in order to avoid medication errors or duplicate prescriptions, I generally do not provide refills for existing prescriptions until I have had a chance to receive treatment records and/or make contact with your previous provider.


Ongoing Medical-Psychiatric Care  $120/hour scheduled/billed in 15 min increments - Minimum 15 minutes up to 60 minutes for ongoing medication prescribing and monitoring without psychotherapy, AKA "med management." Unscheduled phone calls over 10 minutes are billed in 15 minute increments.


Psychotherapy $150/hour - Full 60 minute therapy hour for structured, evidence-based psychotherapy (such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Cognitive Processing Therapy) for mood, anxiety, or trauma-related conditions. This service is offered on a very limited basis for a small number of clients. The purpose of this limitation is to provide the highest level of quality care. A limited number of brief telephone calls for crisis and coaching support are included in the fee. Contact me to discuss availability, if you have interest in this service.


Life Counseling & Coaching $120/hour - 30 to 60 minute visits via tele-health, phone, or email for holistically oriented life counseling and coaching. This is appropriate for those who are safe and stable, but working on changes in lifestyle to improve health, reaching for new goals, navigating life transitions, and for those who need extra encouragement in living with a chronic health condition. This non-medical coaching service is available everywhere since it doesn't require use of my practice license.


Payment is due at the time of scheduling. I accept Zelle and PayPal. Cancellations over 24 hours are refunded, but late cancels and no-shows are not.


I am an "out-of-network provider" under most insurance plans. I can provide you with the documentation you need to submit to your insurance company to request reimbursement for your care costs.


Psychiatric services are covered under most comprehensive health insurance plans these days, but it is important to find out for sure. I highly recommend that you call your insurance company prior to scheduling an appointment, and here are some questions you should ask:


"Do I need "prior authorization" for psychiatric services?"

Some plans require that you ask them for this prior authorization before you receive any services. This is important, because if your plan requires this step and you don't do it, they will likely refuse to pay for any services during that episode of care.


"What types of psychiatric services are covered? And how many visits are allowed?"

Ask for specific titles of services, billing codes, and number of visits. This information is important to tell me in the first visit so that I can help you plan for care that is reimbursable and the lowest cost possible.


"What are the allowable costs for psychiatric care?"

This is the amount that they will reimburse you for services provided. My fee may be more than the allowable cost, so you may have a small portion that is out-of-pocket.


"Do you cover tele-health visits?"

If you are considering this option and would like to have it reimbursed through your insurance, make sure they do cover it (again, most do cover tele-health).




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